Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My day with Reinhard Bonnke..... Forever Changed!

My day with Reinhard Bonnke:

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend the day with one of my heroes Reinhard Bonnke. I call it “one day in January.” As I flew to spend the day with Pastor Bonnke the Lord impressed upon me to be ready for a shift in my Spirit. I now know the shift was to desire even more of the outpouring of Gods Spirit and the salvation of souls like never before. Here is a man that has led tens of millions to Christ and yet as we sat together I found myself weeping at his humility. It was life changing experience. I sat with Pastor Bonnke and asked simple questions. Here are just a few nuggets of power/ wisdom from Reinhard Bonnke:

1. My heart now is to raise up the sons and daughters.
2. This generation has the most vile vocabulary of any generation in history. Peter prophesied from Joel 2:28 that God would raise up the sons and daughters and they would prophecy. We must get them saved, and filled with the Spirit in order to change their language and fulfill prophecy.
3. Guard your home, heart, and integrity at all times. All of my children love the Lord and are doing ministry. That is a testimony, because I had to be gone so much.
4. Every time I show up to a crusade with hundreds of thousands I understand that God always shows up at his best. Therefore when I show up I should be at my very best. God is always ready to do the supernatural so I must be ready. I never complain and I always expect the supernatural. I live in a state of readiness!
5. I must walk in bold faith always trusting God.
6. When I have a problem I listen for God to give me the solution and he always does. When he gives me the solution I act immediately upon his word.
7. I never run after money, but only after souls.
8. Only what arrives in heaven is what really counts. The real bookkeeping is done in heaven. We must be careful of the numbers we declare. Exaggeration offends God.
9. The only way we will touch Muslim nations is to walk in the miraculous. If we will see blind eyes open and deaf ears healed they will know that our God is real.
10. A leader should always stick with their original call. God doesn’t change his mind, but he will change your course.
11. The body of Christ must stay connected. It doesn’t separate from portions of its body, but only from its waist!
12. We always act like God only shows up in percentages in our services. We say things like “I didn’t feel god today in our service.” This is impossible. He is always there. He doesn’t show up in percentages. He is a whole God. We always invite him in and this is like inviting someone into a place when he is already there. Foolish.
13. Evangelist should be evangelists! They should go for souls. That must be their priority or they are not evangelists.
14. The less Holy Spirit we have in our churches then the more coffee and doughnuts we need.
15. Take steps of faith. I have had crusades that ended not in red ink, but the red sea. God always provides the manna! Your debt to Calvary is always greater than your debt to the bank.
16. Make sure when you are with your family they know that they are all that matters. Magnify your time with them.
17. Paul said he refused to speak about the falling of other ministers. Refuse to even speak of those who do not finish the race. Guard your tongue.
18. Trust God with all you have and he will bless you with all he has.
19. Go to the masses, but first be faithful to the few.
20. It never says to pray for the harvest, but simply pray for the workers. The harvest is ready. Go get the harvest! God will show up!

I wanted to share just a few nuggets from one of God’s generals. My life is forever changed. God is looking for people who will be obedient and simply trust him. Since my meeting I realized that there was so much that I had to change in my own life. I simply want to prove faithful. I pray this blesses you. It is time for a last day harvest like never before. As I headed towards the airport after our time together I could do nothing but weep. I ask that you continue to pray for us as God leads us across the nation and world.

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